A Better Routeplanner (ABRP) for Tesla Electric Vehicles

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A Better Routeplanner 2.17

A Better Routeplanner (ABRP) for planning trips and charging with a Tesla Vehicle - both home and in-car. Check out the brand new About ABRP Blog for more information and news!
Plan and Play at Home
Give ABRP the following:
  • Waypoints, preferred chargers, route options
  • Reference speed relative to speed limits and reference consumption, i.e flat road consumption at fixed speed
ABRP will give you the route which takes you there in the shortest time, including charging. The consumption model accounts for
  • Speed at every part of the route
  • Elevation changes with high resolution
  • New and optional: Weather conditions (experienced Tesla drivers can handle this using reference consumption)
All other factors are part of the reference consumption you give. That includes driving style, tyres, rims, roof racks (and optionally weather conditions for experienced drivers).
Drive and Follow-Up in Car

While driving, ABRP will show you the planned charge profile so that you can follow up your actual charge and consumption. Not fully correct? Replan as you drive. Plans are useless - planning is essential.

If you login with your MyTesla credentials, you will get higher resolution real-time position and charge, and ABRP will automatically calculate your reference consumption and speed for you on this particular trip. Remember, some conditions such as rain on the road can quickly change the reference consumption.

ABRP will display speed limits, and it will optionally guide you along your route with real-time navigation using images from Google Streetview.

If you want, you can share data with ABRP to enable a lot of useful knowledge gathering which is shared in the ABRP Blog.

Thanks to Tesla Club Sweden for moral support, feature ideas and testing! Also thanks to supercharge.info for letting me use their Supercharger database, and uppladdning.nu, GoingElectric.de, openchargemap.org (license), and nrel.gov for letting me use their charger databases. And not the least, thanks to the fantastic OSRM team for their Open Source Routing Machine!

Bo (bo@abetterrouteplanner.com)

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To cover the costs of running the site, mainly Amazon AWS hosting and some Google API costs, I am accepting donations. Any amount is welcome!


1,500,000 routes planned!
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