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ABRP Premium Membership

The basic ABRP features will always be free.
However, you can get many more benefits from the planner by upgrading to Premium!

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14 days free trial



    14 days free trial

      ABRP Premium features

      Multiple vehicles

      All your vehicles in one account.
      See them all on the map and easily choose the one that you want to plan with.

      My drives

      Save all your activity and access it at any time.
      Share historical activities or export them to Google Drive.

      * This feature requires live data.

      Weather forecast

      Live weather data for planning
      View the predicted winds and temperatures in the plan and see its effect on your trip.

      Real-time traffic

      Use up-to-date traffic data for extra accuracy
      Take the traffic into account for not only trip duration, but also power usage along the route.

      Real-time Supercharger availability and forecast

      Use Supercharger availability in the planning, both in real-time and forecasts based on historical use.
      Avoid busy superchargers, and include wait times in in the total trip time. Other charge networks coming soon.

      Sharing vehicle data

      Share your live data with another ABRP user.
      Perfect for shared cars, or sharing the status of your drive with friends or family.

      Apple Watch

      Perfect for watching your progress on the go.
      See your most up-to-date charge or drive status on your watch without having to fiddle with your phone.

      Charging Notifications

      Get notified when it's 10 and 5 minutes left to continue your trip.

      Geofence Notifications

      Get notified when your car arrives or leaves certain locations.
      For example, you home and work address.